Stone's Folly Art Festival
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Stone's Folly Art Festival Mission Statement:

To unite our parish family in celebration of the arts, extend an invitation to the greater community, provide an opportunity for evangelization, and raise additional funds for our parish".

Stone's Folly Mansion was a 1880's creation of Erastus R. Stone. The magnificent three story eighteen room structure was his vision to build the "finest mansion in Kansas". The home was never finished due to the economic downturn and the name was changed from Stone's Castle to Stone's Folly. The Stone family was never able to live in the home.

The structure was vacant for over a decade when in 1900 Rev. Charles Fox Parham rented the residence for his Bethel Bible College. Parham used the residence to teach the Pentecostal Faith. The home is known as the birthplace of the Pentecostal Church. The gothic residence mysteriously burned down on December 6th of 1901.

Today there is nothing left of the structure but many pieces of the stone foundation and brick tower have recently been excavated and saved. A limited number of these relics will be available for purchase at the Stone's Folly Art Fair.