Stone's Folly Art Festival
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Featured Artists

Any artist that applies to our art festival will be listed on this page and featured on our Stone's Folly Facebook page. At application, a separate e-mail may be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address with the artist's bio information, including the type of art they exhibit, as well as any influences, where their art may be seen or purchased, and a few photos of their work.

Jessica Mays

Jessica Mays from Topeka, KS features impressionistic photography, with photos edited without adding or subtracting elements, but using editing to boost colors and enhance textures to create a new visual.


Janey Greene

Janey Greene is from Baldwin City, KS.  Her work features acrylic paintings on canvas that are stylized landscapes, structures, cityscapes, and florals. Her style features bold lines and bright colors.  You can find more of her work at Off the Wall Art by J.

Karen Dreyer

Karen comes to us from Leawood, KS.  She paints with oils on hardboard or canvas.  Her artist statement from her website, Karen  "Art has always been my passion


Matt White

Matt White is an artist from Shawnee, KS.  He paints in watercolor, using Saunders Waterford rough textured paper. His technique is to paint at an angle that allows the water and pigment to flow down the paper and mix.


Paul Albritton

Paul Albritton is a fine jewelry maker from Holy Hills, Florida.  Paul hand forges each piece individually from sheets of precious metals with stones as accents.  Paul runs the Albritton Gallery in Florida.

Laura Simone

Laura Simone is an artist from Saint Louis, Missouri.  She uses glass in a variety of ways to create wearable works of art, miniature sculptures, wall art, and freestanding art.  In Laura's own words from her website, Ebb & Flow Arts:  

"Ebb & Flow Arts began as an outlet for too much creative energy.


Jerry Ann Dowdle

Jerry Ann Dowdle creates hats that are works of art.  Jerry Ann is from Lawrence, KS and uses natural recycled textile fiber that is processed.  She manipulates its texture/color & shape. Her design ideas evolve while processing and these wearable statement pieces are created using various felting/sewing techniques.  


Curt Nelson

Curt Nelson is an artist from Jefferson, Iowa.  He makes stoneware clay vessels and completed a series called "landscapes in clay".  He also makes smaller functional vases as well as magnetic stoneware letters.

Larry Baker

Larry Baker is an artist from Olathe, KS.  Larry creates whimsical pieces using a variety of drawing board, canvas, pencil color, acrylic and magic marker.



Tim T. R. Bauer

Tim (T.R.) Bauer from Topeka Kansas is cofounder, and codirector of Stone's Folly Art Festival and is a Most Pure Heart of Mary parishioner. 

Tim is a graduate from Washburn University and later worked at Hallmark cards in Kansas City, MO, as an artist before entering the realm of motion pictures as an art director


Karen Madison

Karen is a glass artist here in Topeka.  She frequently features her artwork at the Farmers Market and in the NOTO Arts District.  


Linda Baranski

Linda hails from Lecompton, KS.  Her primary art is Acrylics.  Pouring, Painting and Swiping techniques are used to create contemporary art pieces.

Andrea Faulkner

Andrea Faulkner is an artist from Topeka.  She paints in acrylics and oil.  Andrea's artwork is inspired by nature and animals.  She can be found at her Facebook page, For Love of Color.


Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell is an artist from Lecompton, KS.  Andrew runs Studio 285 Clockworx there.  It can be located online here


Jodee Jensen

Jodee Jensen is an artist from the Topeka area and paints in watercolor and acrylics on canvas.

Inga Vereshchagina

Inga Vereshchagina comes to us from Grandview, MO.  Inga runs Sunqueen Art Gallery there.


Sherri Hanna

Sherri Hanna is an artist from Edgerton, KS who runs Prairie Visions Pottery & Metalworks.


Xavier Gayden

Xavier Gayden is a young artist from Kansas City.  


Annie Glotzbach

Annie Glotzbach currently lives and works in Overland Park, KS. Annie works predominantly in the medium of encaustic painting.


Britta McKee

Tobias Designs’ jewelry is oxymoronic: simple, yet detailed. Structured, yet organic. Geometric, yet soft. It’s a dirty and intensive process that results in stunning jewelry.